About Us

Bios Urn mission is to become a reference company in the field of new and alternative solutions by offering excellent, high value-added products that challenge people to re-define the true meaning of life and to lead a new movement, strong and powerful enough to change the status quo.

The Bios Urn team believes that design and nature can change the world, and in fact it does. They collaborate using their energy, creativity, and experience to build an inspiring project that helps all of us to grow personally and professionally. They do this through networking, learning from each other, making a meaningful contribution in the community, and having fun.

Economically and ecologically cemeteries are taxing the environment and are far from been environmentally friendly. Embalming bodies requires cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and phenol. In the USA they bury 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid every year.

Living Urns Australia About Us

Caskets can be made from mined minerals, toxic plastic or endangered wood. US cemeteries use 30 million feet of hard wood, 180,544,000 pounds of steal and 5,400,000 pounds of copper and bronze annually.

Bodies do not decompose efficiently and this slow process favours sulphur loving bacteria, which can harm nearby water sources.

Not only are green burial good for the planet it can also help with the financial burden that comes with a funeral, with the average cost of around $6,000.

In Australia, we are already running out of valuable land space and some cemeteries are already relocating, this is very emotionally challenging for the remaining family members.

So, thanks to Bios-Urns you can nurture your loved ones by planting a living tree that gives back to the earth and know that your love one’s energy still lives on. You may choose to donate your tree to a place that needs reforesting or maybe you have limited space so planting a rose or citrus plant in a large pot, could be another option.

Bios-Urns are the eco-future and can be purchased for safe keeping by anyone at any time. Bios Urn’s goal is to enhance a different experience to approach what’s probably, one of the most important moments in human life. We believe death is nothing, but a word used to describe something unknown. Bios Urn changes the way people see death, converting the “end of life” into a transformation and a return to life through nature, reintroducing man into the natural cycle of life.

That’s why we say; there’s life, after life.